Features of collecting statistical data for medical dissertations


To fully organize the statistical analysis of medical data, an applicant for a scientific degree goes through five main stages.

1. We study information about different types of medical data

The information analysis technique is directly proportional to the type of data available. The author from paper writer is recommended to study and consolidate the required knowledge in practice - this will save the researcher from the need to spend time on parsing additional information.

2. We create a registration database on the computer

Before calculating the data for a medical thesis, it is recommended to enter them in electronic format for placement in the appropriate database. You can find usefull tools at https://writemypapers.company/report-writing/ web-site. All collected information should be displayed in the questionnaire and registration card - this approach will simplify the process of statistical analysis.

3. Determine the main tasks of statistical processing

The tasks of statistical processing in medical scientific works are aimed at identifying the main trends in the development of processes / events / phenomena applicable to the chosen topic of the thesis. The author from essay writing help is recommended to highlight several main tasks that allow finding a solution to the problem posed and selecting the required data for them. This approach is quite complicated and can take a long time, so it is recommended to seek help from specialized companies.

4. Choosing methods of statistical analysis

For each task, a specific analysis method is selected, taking into account the main limitations of their application - it all depends on the medical direction / specifics of the topic of work.

5. Formulating conclusions

After conducting the analysis, the author summarizes the results obtained for each method used. A set of mini-conclusions will make it easier to draw a general conclusion for a chapter or an entire dissertation.

Experimental base and approval of work topics

Speaking about the experimental base, the Ph.D. thesis is based on the performance of standard laboratory tests, routine for clinical practice. When choosing a topic, it is necessary to take into account the need for more detailed and expensive research. You can search for a topic at law essay writing service. The candidate must have access to the necessary equipment and sufficient funding to pay for consumables.

All topics of work undergo a mandatory preliminary examination for approval by the scientific council. Approval is a mandatory item, without which it is impossible to defend a Ph.D. thesis in medicine. Before getting started, you need to answer a few questions:

  • How widely is the topic studied in medical circles, is it relevant?
  • Does the research being conducted fall into the list of questions included in the dissertations of opponents?
  • Are there currently published or prepared articles for scientific journals that study a particular issue or problem?
  • Are there the latest developments in the dissertation topic or related areas?

Last but not least, you need to discuss the issue with your supervisor. A competent approach to studying the proposed list of questions will help save time and effort to carry out research in a certain direction. Do not lose sight of the important components - enthusiasm, personal interest of the candidate for the dissertation, for whom the topic of study should be close and interesting.

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